Painting Levels
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Miniatures prepared for board

If you have a big army and cost or time is of the essence, we offer fast and solid tabletop painting option.
Although tabletop level painting is our cheapest option, to us, it still means delivering high quality painting service to make miniatures look awesome.

Our Process

When the miniatures are delivered to us, and basic color design according to your specifications has been established. We start by cutting out the models from their packaging and cleaning them from dust or manufacturing errors, then after assembly, we begin priming with either black or white and painting fundamental hues, washing shadows, dry-brushing highlights, basing and edging. Finishing with taking photographs to commemorate job well done and sending them to you awaiting your acceptance, then we finally apply lacquer, completing every step essential to look good in a tabletop game.

Whole process can take up to 2 weeks depending on the size of your army.
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Perfect balance of function and aesthetic

Most popular option picked by our clients and for a very good reason.

Our Process

The design stage will begin immediately after confirming commission, even before we acquire the miniatures. One of our designers will work on visualizing the idea, so you know exactly what you are getting. Our boxart level o painting is ideally best suited for high quality models. The assembled minatures will be primed with zenithal lightning. Then multitude of different advanced painting techniques like: glazing, layering, texturing, stippling Nmm and Tmm will be utilized depending on wished result. The base also will be prepared according to established design theme reaching cohesive look. These are miniatures that look good afar as well as up close.
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Showcase the detailed beauty

For when you want your miniatures to look absolutely the best.

Our Process

Planning and preparation are the name of the game. The design stage can take even 2 weeks before a single drop of paint is put on the miniature. We will do anything we can, to realize our shared vision in the project; custom logos, emblems, patterns, additional sculpted elements, unconventional bases and effects. Everything will be made with upmost care and love for the craft.
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Foundation for a story

When you want to immerse yourself in the world’s setting

Our Process

From the grains of sand to arms of the galaxy, no size and no amount is a challenge to us.
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Rules of Commission


After we receive miniatures or for additional fee acquire them for you, we will ask for a 20% advanced payment.

Orders can be canceled by the client anytime during commission. Miniatures then will be returned at the owner’s cost. If cancellation happens after first round of revisions, amount equal to % of completion will be billed minus the advanced payment.

In Progress

Design adjustments are possible up until after the test model is painted – during 1st revision. After that, no more test models will be done.

During 2nd revision small changes can still be requested, but they may require additional payment to be realized.

We reserved the right to cancel the order anytime during commission and issue a refund.


Order is send after payment has been confirmed.

We are not responsible for shipping damages unless the package was specially insurance by us.

In case of shipping errors or missing elements we cover re-sending cost, if order cannot be recovered and resend, we will refund fully.


Prices are calculated based on miniatures size, amount, complexity, deadline and requested painting level.
Feel free to email us for individually quotas.

Payment Options
If you are decided on commissioning miniatures for painting, please familiarize yourself with our rules of commission